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JamesEllisFit 'Weight Room' Videos:

Scientific Training Methods - BUNDLE:

Now you can get all six of the 'Scientific Training Methods'

Series workout videos at one LOW 'bundle' price. 

This Bundle Includes the following workout videos:

Chest Bulking & Shredding 

Complete Back Attack


BOLDER Shoulders,



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ARMAGETTING 'Arms' Workout:

In this video World Champion competitor & fitness cover model, James Ellis marks THE END OF Small & Weak Arms! Now you can learn the amazing scientific training methods behind his arm workout and get some bulging biceps and horseshoe triceps of your own.

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ABSOLUTE 6-Pack ABs Workouts:

Ready to sculpt a bulky 6-Pack & chiseled obliques? In this video fitness cover model & World Champion Competitor James Ellis finally shares his 6-pack abs workouts and secrets. This hour and ten minute video has FIVE ab/oblique workouts that include a total of FOURTEEN of James's favorite and most effective ab/oblique exercises. 

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Chest Bulking & Shredding Workout:

Finally you can learn exactly how the 2011 WBFF World Champion and top fitness cover model, James Ellis trains his chest in this incredible workout video. Learn his scientific training methods that show you how he trains every intricate part of the chest for maximum results.

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BOLDER Shoulders Workout​:
It's time to get serious about shoulder development! Learn how to get a COMPLETE shoulder workout in using the scientific training methods of World Champion competitor & fitness cover model, James Ellis. Target those front, mid, & rear deltoids to add shoulder width & a great V-shape to your body.

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Complete Back Attack Workout​:

Now you can finally learn the scientific training methods behind James's back workout. In this video James breaks down the anatomy of the back muscle to show you how to train every intricate part of the back. Develop define lower traps and a tapered V-cut NOW!

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QUADZILLA Legs Workout:

Looking to finally sculpt your legs and glutes? Get this video and start sculpting now with the Scientific Training Methods of Fitness Cover Model & World Champion James Ellis. As a bonus you'll also get great exercises and tips from WBFF Pro Competitors Stian Lemmer & Ashleigh Frost. 

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Amazing For Fat Burning
& Muscle Toning.
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JamesEllisFit eBooks:
  • Full Body
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Chest & Back 
  • Abs & Calves
  • Shoulders
Six Full Length "Train With Us" Videos:
James's  'Train Anywhere Videos':

Metabolism Jump Start eBook:

Many people struggle to lose weight and have high energy simply because their metabolism is at such incredibly low levels. The reality is, you don't have to settle for having a low metabolism as this 68 page eBook reveals all the great tips and tricks that will help you to boost your metabolism levels. It's time for you to say, "enough is enough" and ignite your metabolism for ultimate fat burning results. This eBook is a detailed guide that will make a dramatic difference in the way you look and feel. Jump starting your metabolism will help you to drop weight safely, increase your energy, lose fat fast, and so much more.  

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JamesEllisFit Sponsors AND Favorite Products:

Versa Gripps:

It has also been a huge blessing to be an ambassador of Versa Gripps over that last several years.  I use Versa Gripps for nearly every workout because they can be used for pushing, pulling, wrist support, and they provide an amazing grip too.  

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Bucked Up Website Picture.jpg

Bucked Up Supplements:

I have been taking Bucked Up supplements for several years now and I absolutely love them. I am now blessed to be a sponsored athlete of this brand too. If you are looking to supplement your results in the gym than I would highly suggest getting some bucked up supplements for yourself. The have everything you could ever want! 

The great news is that you can get 20% off when you use promo code: JAMESELLISFIT

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Icon Meals Website Image.jpg

ICON Meals (Meal Prep Company):

I have been purchasing ICON Meals for at least 15 years and I absolutely love them! They are not only healthly and delicious, but they help to keep me on track with my clean eating. On top of that, they are a huge time saver as I no longer have to do tons of hours of meal prep on my own. 

I am now blessed to say that I am a sponsored athlete of ICON Meals too. If you are looking to get your eating on track in order to reach your health and fitness goals than I would  highly suggest ordering ICON Meals right away!

I have some great news too! You can get 10% off when you use promo code: JAMESELLISFIT

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Shields of Strength Jewelry

Bless yourself or someone you love with some  amazing jewelry from my Shields of Strength sponsor. They have tons of different charms, such as, weight plates, dumbbells, kettle bells, shields, crosses, hearts, & dog tags of all different types.  Each piece is armed with scripture too.  

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