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World Champion

Top Fitness Magazine Cover Model

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2011 WBFF World Champion


50+ Magazine Covers

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In-Person & Virtual Training


James has been lifting weights and perfecting workout programs for over 20 years, and now YOU can benefit from his Scientific Training Methods!

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James's Personal Training Rates:

  • Individual Session (60 minutes) =  $150

  • 5 Session Package (60 minutes each) = $140 each (Pay the $700 up front)

  • 10 Session Package (60 minutes each) = $120 each (Pay the $1200 up front)

  • 15 Session Package (60 minutes each) = $100 each (Pay the $1500 up front)

* Some "Beginner" and "Intermediate" clients may only require 30 minute sessions depending on their goals and current health status.



James's Personal Training Location:
James is an Independent Contractor at:
Crunch Fitness - Buford

3740 Buford Dr.
Buford, GA 30519

Let's get started!




700 sessions with James and counting! James has been my (in person and virtual Facetime) personal trainer since September 2019. My decision to work with James has been one of the very best decisions I have made for my personal health and fitness goals, especially with someone like James who is in such high demand and rarely takes on new clients. As a result of James’s guidance and accountability, I am happy to have lost over 40 pounds of fat and gained a great deal of quality lean muscle.  I absolutely love how he pushes me to get the most out of our weight training sessions. Ever since he moved across the country, he now trains me over FaceTime, and this works great for me as someone with an intensely busy schedule allowing me to maximize my day along with every minute of our workouts.

Patrick Testimonial Photo.jpeg

I train with James five days a week, and his “Scientific Training Methods” insure I hit every intricate part of each muscle. Doing so has helped me achieve optimal results with muscle building and toning and vast improvement in my overall health. The unexpected change in my life that has been “the icing on the cake,” has been the consistent compliments I receive complimenting my broad shoulders and big arms. If you are truly serious about reaching your health and fitness goals, I highly recommend inquiring to get a coveted spot in James’s schedule. If you’re able to land a spot as one of his clients, rest assured, you’ll achieve life-changing results. HE IS THE BEST!

~ Patrick Raymond


I met James several months ago while in the gym. During conversation, I was pleasantly surprised to have him ask if he could pray over me. His boldness in praying for me in the middle of the gym impressed me. I later learned that James offers personal training out of private gym in Dacula, GA. So, I asked him if he would be willing to train my 14 year old son Matthew who plays football. James has been training my son in the gym to become physically stronger, but more than that, James is a solid Christian mentor whom I love to have around my son. Within a few sessions I noticed that my son’s confidence had grown, and he couldn’t stop talking about how cool it was to be training with a world champion and fitness magazine cover model. Matthew looks up to James as a “big brother-type,” and I love the great example that James sets for my son. Thank you so much, James, for mentoring my son physically, mentally, and spiritually.

~ Nathan Oh (Father of Matthew)

James trained me consistently for nearly 10 years. As a result I have lost nearly 40 pounds (198lbs to 159lbs), and I have gained some great muscle and definition. For the first time in my life, I have a well-defined six pack, great arms, calves that I’m happy to show off, and so much more. I am happy with the looks of my body, and I feel great! Even though James has now moved across the country, I have still been able to apply what I’ve learned through his amazing Scientific Training Methods to not only maintain my results, but to continue to better my body. 

~ Noel Daganta


James is LEGIT! His personalized approach took me from a fitness novice to a brotha who knew what he was doing in the gym. His wholistic approach to nutrition, workouts and faith made every workout one I looked forward to. Even when he kicked my butt, which he did EVERY TIME, I knew it was to get me to my fitness goals. Hands down James is the best in the biz! Results are inevitable when you follow his program. I’ll say it again, HE IS LEGIT!!!  

~ Pastor Anthony Powell


James goes above and beyond to make sure each training session is customized to each person he trains. No shortcuts... James will challenge you to put in the work and get results. He kept my end goal in mind, tailoring each workout specifically to reach that goal. His motivation and encouragement always helps each session to be a huge success. I definitely didn’t feel like another number with James as my trainer. Look no further if you need a top-tier personal trainer.

~ Gunner Fuelberth


I trained with James for about 10 years. Working out with James most definitely got me more cut. My endurance significantly increased and every workout challenged me to become a better man physically and even spiritually. 

~ Kris Wolfe


I've known James for well over 10 years and he was my personal trainer for at least 3 of those years. When I first met James, we were working on the set of acting job. I was immediately inspired by his physique, but what inspired me even more was his story of growing up scrawny and being bullied. His transformation story is amazing! When I asked him for fitness advice, I was impressed once again with his wealth of wisdom in the area of health and fitness. That was definitely more than enough for me to invest into making James my personal trainer. What he calls his "Scientific Training Methods," I call RESULTS!!! His training methods took my body to a level that I never thought possible, and I am eternally grateful to have been able to have James as my personal trainer. Even though James has moved away, I continue to get results using his training methods to this very day.   

~ Ethan Stone


James has been my trainer for the past three years. He’s been the most supportive, most patient and most effective coach I’ve ever had! We started my training with personal coaching sessions at the gym and at my home. When the pandemic hit, James arranged for us to workout together virtually. Initially I was a cynic, but the sessions have been incredible! James is on top of it, providing me a detailed workout plan, helpful feedback on my performance, and counts me down every one of my sets. He has also been incredibly flexible around my work schedule. His thoroughness, drive and commitment to my goals has resulted in real progress for me. Since starting with James, I’ve lost 10 pounds of fat and gained muscle mass in my upper body. Anyone who is serious about making a change and looking for a partner to help them on their journey to results should immediately reach out to James!

~ Ross Miller

James's Scientific Training Methods of hitting every intricate part of every muscle are incredible! He really helped me to activate muscles that I’ve never felt before. James always has such a positive, fun-loving energy that is contagious. Knowing his story of going from scrawny to brawny motivated and inspired me to train with him. As an award-winning fitness model (World Champion), his training methods have proven to be the best! I also love how James inspired me to grow in my walk with Jesus.

~ Edward M. Young, Jr., MD

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