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First off, I would like to thank you for your purchase!  Your satisfaction means everything to me, and that is why I strive to deliver not only great content, but support as well.
You are here because you are having some sort of issue with your downloaded product.  From the emails I have received, there are a handful of issues people are having trouble with such as:  downloading, saving, viewing on a mobile device, and more.
'How To' download my JamesEllisFit video


• PLEASE READ THIS FIRST – Once you purchase the download, you will be sent to a page where you can download it instantly, and you will also be sent an email
(to the email tied to your PayPal account) with the download link.

      • Check your junkmail/spam folder if it isn't in your inbox.

      • Make sure you check the email tied to your PAYPAL account!

      • The email will come from:  “James Ellis Fit <>”


      • ALSO, I have had lots of people order from an old email they no longer use  
        Please make sure to update and use an email that you have access to.  
        You have 10 days and several attempts to download the video file.

• The video file is close to 1gb, so please BE PATIENT.  It could take anywhere from 30 minutes to as much as an hour or more depending on your internet connection.  High speed internet is recommended.



• Check your downloads folder if you can’t find the file.  We have had lots of people that said they didn't get the download, but when they checked, they had 3-4 copies of the file in their downloads folder.

• For Windows users:  Where are downloaded files saved?
When you download files, Windows usually saves them in the Downloads folder which is located under your user name in the users folder on the drive where Windows is installed (for example C:\users\your name\downloads). When you are saving the file, you can choose to save it to a different folder. Some different types of files are saved to different folders by default. For example, if you right-click a picture on a webpage and then choose Save Picture As from the menu, the picture will be saved to the Pictures folder by default. If you’re not sure where the file was saved, you can search for it from the Start menu.

• WINDOWS USERS:  If the above doesn't help, instead of clicking the ‘download’ button, just ‘right-click’ the download button, and select ‘save as’, and then save it to your desktop or other place where you can find the file.
• It is not recommended to download to your phone due to the file size, and the fact that most phones don’t handle PDF files that well.  If you are a sophisticated smart phone user and you have a PDF software on your phone, then I would recommend downloading to your computer first, then transferring to your phones memory card.

• It is not recommended to download to your phone due to the file size, and the fact that the format of this video won't fit your phone correctly. If you really want this video on your phone, then I would recommend first downloading to your computer. Then, research encoders online that you could download to your computer as you will need to save this file in a format that would work well for your phone. Even then, it still might be a decent size video file, so you might consider transferring it to your phones memory card.

You can play this .mp4 video with QuickTime or other media player.
If you don't have the Quicktime Video Player you can get it for FREE,

To play videos on your iPhone or iPad:
1. As stated above, download the whole video to your computer.
2. Open iTunes and click on the 'Movies' tab. 
3. While inside that movie folder you will simply drag and drop the workout video file that you downloaded. Now you should be able to see the workout video file in your 'Movies' tab/folder.
4. Plug in your iPhone or iPad and perform a sync. You might have to check a box in your movies tab to show that you want the movie to sync up too.
5. When sync is complete, eject your iPhone or iPad and then open 'movies' on your iPhone or iPad and enjoy a great workout.

If any of your questions were not answered above, just CLICK HERE, and fill out the information on that contact page along with your question.
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