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Arms Workout

Are You Ready to put an END to Small & Weak Arms?

Develop Bulging Biceps and Horseshoe Triceps Now with the

Scientific Training Methods of World Champion James Ellis! 

*Fast Results!

*Gain Mass

*Build SOLID Bicep Peaks!

*Develop Horseshoe Triceps!

*Shred Up & Lean Out!

*Based on Scientific

  Training Methods

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Have you been struggling to build bigger more well-defined arms? Led to believe that you just don't have the genetics to develop great arms? Perhaps you've hit that so called "plateau?"
If any of those questions sound like you, then you've come to the right place. Early on in my weight training years I worked so hard to develop great arms and it always seemed as though my efforts got me nowhere. Then I decided to read books on training and learn from the Pro's. That helped me to get amazing results and become the Pro World Champion Competitor I am today. Now you can learn to train like a Pro and as a result you'll develop great arms quicker than you ever thought possible.
What does it mean to train like a Pro?
Training like a PRO means not only are you
training hard, but more importantly you are training smart. This means you know how many sets & reps to do and how much break time to take between sets.  You also know how to fully train the specific muscle you are trying to target. In this video I show you exactly what I do in the gym on my arm day and I explain why I do those specific exercises. You will learn what it means to train smart through my scientific training methods.
What are my Scientific Training Methods?
Several years ago I decided to begin a journey where I spent countless hours reading several different anatomy books. These books helped me to better understand the muscle and how to train every intricate part of each of our muscles. I also read several books on weight training to learn how many sets and reps I should do, and how much break time I needed between sets in order to get the best results possible. All of this knowledge together has helped me to develop an incredible
full arm workout.
Why did I create my scientific training methods?
Back when I first started training my results came far more slowly than I cared to see. I got sick of seeing all of my gym buddies getting results while I was getting little to no results. I kept trying to fix things by training harder, more often, and with more weight, but that simply led to over-training and stupidity. Reality was that I simply lacked the knowledge to create the perfect weekly workout and in the case the perfect arm workout. That all changed when I hit the anatomy and training books to come up with training methods that work.
What does it mean to get a full arm workout? As you can see, the arm is broken down into two major muscle groups, the bicep (1/3 of upper arm) and the tricep (2/3 of upper arm).  The 'biceps brachii' is broken down into two parts, the long head and the short head. The 'triceps brachii is broken down into three parts, the long head, the lateral head and the medial head. In this video you will learn how to train each of the different heads of the biceps and triceps, which results in you getting a full arm workout. Take the advice I give you in this video and your bulging biceps and horseshoe triceps will come faster than you ever thought possible.​
You might also have questions such as: What is your weekly workout routine? How many sets & reps show I do in the gym? How long should my breaks be between sets? How should I warm up for my workout? How much time should I be spending in the gym? The answer to those questions will all depend on your goals. But, the answer to those questions and many more are answered in this arms workout video.


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