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Golden Tips for Reaching YOUR Best Body (Part 2)

If you are starting to read this blog and you haven’t read “Golden Tips for Reaching YOUR Best Body (Part 1)” yet, then please read “Part 1” first as this blog builds off of part 1. By now you have hopefully not only read part 1 of this blog, but you have also started your ‘fitness body goals board’. In this blog we are going to talk about more great visuals that will encourage you to reach your goals. We are also going to talk about the importance of speaking positive and developing a good support team. Finally, I’ll end with a vital DO NOT DO THIS type of thing.

Let’s kick this blog off with a couple more great visuals that you might want to consider adding to your ‘arsenal’, as these could greatly encourage you on this fitness body journey. The first visual (if you currently have a much larger waist then you care to have) is to save a pair of pants that represent your starting point of this weight loss journey. Hang those pants next to your ‘fitness body goals board’ as they are a representation of not only where you started, but where you will never go back to. I had a buddy that lost well over 10 inches in his waist and he always brought these pants to fitness expos and had all of the big name fitness guru’s sign them with an encouraging word or quote. You could do something similar to this, by getting them signed by some fitness guru’s, or signed by people that express that they want to be a continuous encouragement in your life on this fitness journey.

Another great visual idea is to buy a dress or a pair of pants that you love that are in the size of your end body goal (dream body) and hang that next to your ‘fitness body goals board’ or even in a place in your closet where you will see it daily. This can be a really good encouragement to remind you to keep pushing hard on a regular basis, because you really desire to where the dress or pants someday. This dress or pants will also keep you pushing forward period, especially on days where you just feel like giving up… they will just be one reminder of why you are working so hard at this.

Now it’s time to take a look at how you can really help yourself out mentally on this fitness goals journey. A lot of people quit this fitness journey in their minds (mentally) way before they quit this journey with their physical bodies. We can quickly and easily defeat ourselves through the thoughts we think about ourselves in our heads, and through the words we choose to speak about ourselves out loud. These thoughts and words are seeds that will grow in your mind and they will eventually defeat you on this journey. So, stop looking in the mirror and saying things like: “I’m so ugly”, “I’m so fat”, “My arms or legs are so flabby”, “I hate my body”. Or perhaps you are starting your journey as a scrawny individual like I was and bringing yourself down by saying: “I’m so scrawny”, “My arms are so tiny”, “My legs are so small and weak”, “I am so pale”, “I’ll never be able to gain muscle”. When you go to the gym, stop saying: “I’m just too tired today”, “I feel so weak today”, “This jog or weight training session is going to suck”, “I just don’t feel good today”, “I just can’t do this”, “I don’t really want to push myself today”, “this working out thing just isn’t working for me”. As I said before, all of these words or thoughts are planted seeds that will grow and defeat you someday, so please stop! Speak life instead! Replace those negative thoughts/words with positive thoughts/words… that is the keys to victory!

Build on the paragraph above by creating your own support squad/team. This is a squad that vows to support you along your fitness journey. They are a squad of people that you can call at any time when you are tempted to give up or cheat on your diet. They are there to remind you why you started this fitness journey and talk you off the quitting ledge so to speak. They are also there to tell you that you are doing a great job, or in some cases be ‘tough love’ in your life and tell you that you are slacking off (missed too many days or have been making too many excuses) and encourage you to get back to it. They will recognize and vocalize that you are looking great as it always feels good to know that someone notices that your body is changing in a positive way. In that process, perhaps they check in with you on how your latest measurements are looking. This support squad will be another one of your great keys to victory.

The final thing that I want to talk about in this ‘Part 2’ blog is a vital DO NOT DO THIS type of thing. DO NOT rely on the scale to show you how you are doing with you fitness body goals progress. It is okay to weigh yourself and record your weight in your progress check in’s (weekly or monthly – whatever your choose), but please do not put too much emphasis on the scale weight. I say this for a few reasons: 1.) Your weight can vary pretty drastically depending on how much water you might be holding. It can also vary depending on when you had your last stool. 2.) On this journey, you will be losing body fat weight, but you will also be gaining muscle weight if you are walking/jogging or doing weight training (toning) of any kind. All this to say, once again, please don’t rely on the scale to show you how you are doing on this fitness journey as it is not at all the best gauge that can be used to track your results.

In conclusion, if you have not done so yet, please read ‘Part 1’ of this blog and get to work on that ‘fitness body goals board’. Consider adding to that board by hanging some old pants next to it that represent your beginning waist size. Don’t forget that you could even get them signed and quoted up by those that inspire you or that are a part of your support squad. That being said, make sure that you actually have a support squad/team that will always keep you motivated and moving forward on this fitness journey. ALWAYS Speak Life… be done with the negative thoughts and talk. Finally, stop relying so heavily on your scale weight as it is definitely not the best gauge for tracking your results. Now begin to apply all of this over the next week, and I’ll have more great tools in ‘Part 3’ of this blog next week.

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