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Golden Tip for Reaching YOUR Best Body (Part 1)

If year after year you have found yourself setting New Year’s Resolutions to get in the best shape of your life, but by February you have already given up, then you are reading the right blog. Or, perhaps you decide in March or April that you are going to attempt to get that beach body for summer, but, you only last about a month at that attempt, then you are reading the right blog. Reality is, if you have found yourself doing this type of stuff year after year and it hasn’t been working, then you have proven to yourself that the way you’ve been doing things simply will not work. To keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result is actually the definition of insanity. I hope that my tips in this blog will help you to step out of what isn’t working for you and to step into what has been proven time and time again to work for others that were once in your shoes.

First of all, you shouldn’t just go to the gym with no goals in mind as I feel like that is really no different than hopping on a random train or plane without actually knowing what your final destination is. In each scenario you will end up somewhere, but you have no idea if you’ll even like the final outcome. That being said, you will want to set measurable and attainable goals as this is one way to sort of ‘map out’ where you’d like your final bodies destination to be. A DECENT goal might be, I want to lose 6 inches in my waist. However a GREAT goal incorporates much more details that are more measureable and attainable, AND they also have a goal deadline date. So, a GREAT version of the prior mentioned goal would be to actually measure your waist as it currently is, and then you can say something more like this: My goal is to go from a size 46” waist to a size 40” waist by December 31st, 2018. Before embarking on this amazing fitness body journey, I suggest measuring the circumference of ALL of your body parts (upper arms, lower arms, upper legs, lower legs, neck, stomach, etc.) as all of these will be great measurements to compare to help to see the progress you’ve made down the road. You should write all of these measurements down on your fitness goals board, along with all of your detailed measurable and attainable goals. Actually writing your goals down and posting them up on your wall significantly increases your chances of attaining them too. :-)

Another thing that should be on that goals board are before pictures (for yourself) of your body in a bikini or underwear. You want these to be clear pictures of all different angles of your body and body parts. Reality is, you look at yourself in the mirror every day, so it can be difficult to really notice the great changes that are actually happening with your body results. These shots are amazingly critical in helping you to see how incredibly far your body has come along since the beginning. They will encourage you down the road that you actually are making great progress. You can take progress pictures along the way and tape them up to your board as well Each time you add progress pictures to your board, be sure to write the date and your new measurement’s on the board next to your picture. Down the road, let these photos not only motivate you of how far you’ve come, but also where you will never allow yourself to go back to again.

One final thing that I’ll add to this ‘Part 1’ blog is another great visual that you could try. Tear a photo out of a magazine of the dream body that you would like to attain one day. I suggest that it be a girl in a bikini or a guy in board shorts, so that you can actually see more of the person’s body and muscles. One important thing… this body needs to be a similar frame to your frame. In other words, the person is close to the same height as you and has a similar body frame too. In other words, I would not tear a picture out of a magazine of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for my ending body goal as he is 6’5 and has a much bigger frame than me. I am only 5’11 and my frame is drastically different from his, so my body will never even have the ability to look anything like his. So, anyways, tear that special photo out of a magazine, cut the head off, and replace it with a cut out of your head. I know this sounds funny/goofy, but visualizing your end result WILL help, I promise. Visualizing your goals and dreams is so powerful and effective. Take it a step further and put a realistic goal as to when you’d like to attain that body by… maybe its 2-5 years from now? The great thing about this cut out is that: 1.) It causes you to visualize yourself with that body and to truly believe that it is possible. 2.) It gives you an end goal body to work towards. The end goal body has given you a goal destination... the next step is to get the ‘map’ out and plan your specific route to get to that body. In other words, what exactly do you need to do to get to that end body result? Much of that will come next week when I write ‘Part 2’ of this blog. Until then, a great place to start now, is to complete your fitness body goals board (fitness vision board) with all of the details mentioned in this blog. :)

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