Role: Betty Whites Car Wash Guy
Role: Field Worker (Strawberry Picker)
Yokohama Tires (
Role: BMW Driver
LA Beauty Skin Center (Part 1)
Role: Lead Male
Versa Gripps Commercial Ad
Role: Weight Lifter
Push Up Pump
Role: Host & Fitness Professional
(FULL Commercial HERE)
Role: Construction Guy w/Jack Hammer
Absolute Poker
Role: 10 of Diamonds
Scion iQ
Role: "Dudes 'N' Donuts" Passenger Seat Dude
LA Beauty Skin Center (Part 2)
Role: Lead Male
Energym 12-1 Infomercial
Role: Host & Fitness Professional
(FULL Commercial HERE)
Total Crunch
Role: Fitness Professional
(FULL Commercial HERE)


Dogg After Dark
Character: Aquaman
Mayne Street
Role Name: Loren
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Role: The AIR after Airocide Cleaning
1000 Ways to Die - Destroid
Role Name: Mike Arms
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Role: Guy on phone leaning on the fence
The Bethenny Frankel Show
Role: Kiddie Pool Lifeguard
Party Down
Role: Caterer
Fifth Harmony - Work from Home (Music Video)
Role: Construction Guy (Driving Front End Loader Tractor)
Kellie Pickler - Makin' Me Fall in Love Again (Music Video)
Role: Salor in Khaki Uniform
Role Name: Dalton Abbot
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Nicole Richie Sniffs me to find her perfume
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Role: "Hunk" - Dunk Splashed for Charity
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Role: "Model" for Listerine Skit
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Roles: Zombie, Mummy, & Vampire
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Roles: Rob Ford BODY Double
'Oh Sit' Gameshow
Role: Referee (See More Videos HERE)
The Academy Is - About a Girl (Music Video)
Role: Football Jock w/Popular Girlfriend
YUMM YUMM - Super Duper Christmas (Music Video)
Role: Singing Boyfriend