Spiritually Fit


I’m excited to announce that I am getting back to posting my Spiritually Fit Vlogs.  Some of you might remember that I used to post topical videos on my social media, where I would just get very real and authentic.  I touched on topics, such as, guilt and shame, anxiety and depression, forgiveness, speaking life giving words, etc., as these were topics that I felt on my heart needed to be talked about in an authentic way.  I actually plan to share those exact videos that I filmed a while back, here on the this Vlog, along with many more topical videos as I feel lead.  Sometimes I might share what I am learning from my reading in Gods Word, other times it might be something I felt strongly on my heart after prayer.  Most importantly, I really want to be Spirit led here and to truly share from my authentic heart. 
I look forward to posting here AT LEAST once a week, so keep coming back.